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Residential Programs for Youth with Serious Emotional Disturbance

ICL operates 2 Community Residences for adolescents in Brooklyn - Linden House for boys who are ages 14-17 on admission, and  Stillwell House for boys and girls, ages 14-17 on admission. These residences provide a structured, therapeutic and home-like environment for youth diagnosed with serious emotional disorders. The programs are voluntary. Parents and legal guardians can retain custody when their children enter the program.  Placement is a transitional step to facilitate return to the child's family and community as soon as he or she is ready.  Length of stay is based on the child's level of functioning, and whether the community residence placement remains appropriate. 

Licensed by New York State Office of Mental Health, ICL's community residences for youth are staffed round-the-clock by caring adults, including mental health professionals.  Staff members provide rehabilitative services, counseling, support, crisis intervention, medication monitoring, meals, community integration and independent living training.  A major goal of the program is to provide the skills necessary so that the child can return home or progress to a more independent setting in the community.


ICL family programs have enabled over 100 parents to retain or regain custody of their children from foster care. Preserving and strengthening families is a bedrock goal of ICL and its network of services.