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ICL's Health Services

The Institute for Community Living expanded its mission in 2000 to develop programs that comprehensively address the health needs of its housing residents and program participants, and more recently, underserved adults from nearby communities. Today, ICL is an innovator, improving the health of New Yorkers in three ways:

  • ICL HealthCare Choices (ICL HCC), a community health center located in Brooklyn, offers health, dental and psychiatric care under one roof. ICL HCC provides a medical home to over 1,000 patients annually. It also offers contract-funded programs at several NYC shelters.
  • ICL is the lead agency in a groundbreaking program in Brooklyn and Manhattan, “Pathways to Wellness,” that manages the care of 500 Medicaid recipients with multiple chronic illnesses. A partnership of  community agencies, hospitals, a community health center and a managed care company, Pathways is 1 of 6 Chronic Illness Demonstration Projects funded by the NYS Department of Health to help New Yorkers with a history of complex medical and mental health diagnoses receive coordinated outpatient and preventive care.
  • ICL and ICL HealthCare Choices provide wellness education, preventive care and disease management services to adults with serious mental illness. ICL’s Diabetes Comorbidity Initiative is addressing the rising incidence of diabetes in adults with co-occurring mental illness. ICL is also leading the way with preventive, self management and wellness programs for people with serious mental illnesses.


FACT:  Annually, ICL receives over 2,400 housing referrals of adults with serious mental illnesses who are homeless or being discharged from prisons, hospitals and community treatment settings, and is able to offer service-enriched housing to about 500 of these men and women each year.