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ICL is committed to helping individuals with disabilities achieve their desired goals in the areas of education and employment.  Vocational and Educational Services (VOEC) are offered at many ICL programs.  The agency's employment coaches, remedial specialists and job developers actively work with consumers to assess their areas of interest, and help them develop the skills needed to make progress with their education and employment goals.

ICL's Assisted Competitive Employment Program (ACE), located in Brooklyn, is available to ICL clients and other individuals with serious mental illness who are interested in exploring part-time or full-time work. The program:

  • Assists participants in identifying their career goals and interests;
  • Offers work readiness support, including how to apply for a job, interviewing skills and dressing for success;
  • Prepares people for work by helping them to understand how working will affect their benefits and by improving their self-confidence and self-esteem as they prepare to enter the job market;
  • Offers specific skills development opportunities for computer and janitorial work;
  • Helps consumers find jobs in their area of interest; and
  • Supports employed program participants with on-the-job staff counseling and peer-to-peer support to give them every opportunity for success in the workplace.

ICL also operates a subsidiary, Phoenix Recycling and Maintenance, which provides janitorial, maintenance and other services to businesses and organizations.  Phoenix trains and places individuals with psychiatric disabilities into competitive employment.



FACT:  Almost 2,000 men and women moved from transitional residential treatment programs to permanent housing with support services from 1995 to 2009.