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ICL is one of the largest providers of supportive housing for people with serious mental illness in New York City, State and the nation. Over 1,400 men, women and children live in ICL residences and subsidized rental apartment programs with the support of case managers and counselors. Seventy percent of ICL housing is located in the borough of Brooklyn.

Supportive housing is the foundation of stable community living and successful recovery for people with serious mental illness. Most residents of ICL housing programs come from shelters, hospitals and the streets, and have long histories of homelessness and hospitalizations. Once housed, ICL staff members assist them with accessing health, mental health, addiction treatment, educational, employment and other services.

ICL has 6 types of housing for people with mental illness:

1) Mental Illness and Chemical Abuse: 5 programs (4 in Brooklyn and 1 in Montgomery County, PA) are available for adults with co-occurring disorders.
2) Mental Illness and HIV/AIDS: ICL provides 2 residential programs for adults with mental illness and HIV/AIDS (Emergency Transitional Housing) and subsidized apartments with support services with some earmarked for families.  

3) Community Residences: ICL offers Community Residences in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens.

4) Supported Housing: ICL operates hundreds of units of supported housing that are permanent, subsidized community apartments with case management  services.

5) Family Housing provides NYS Office of Mental Health-licensed treatment apartments and affordable apartments with support services for parents with a serious mental illness (and also addiction disorders and/or HIV/AIDS) and their children.

6) Youth Residential Programs  offers boys and girls time-limited supervised residential treatment at 2 community residences.

Community residences are licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health, and emergency and supported housing are funded through contracts with New York City and State.

Contact 1-888-425-0501 to inquire about residential placement.


FACT:  Since 2004, ICL has partnered with Brooklyn Museum to exhibit the work of talented artists, photographers and sculpters, who also have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. An artist-in-residence has helped these men and women realize their artistic potential.