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Mobile Community Outreach and Treatment Programs

ICL has pioneered flexible community-based treatment approaches. Currently, it delivers clinical and support services to individuals with serious mental illness in non-traditional places through a variety of government licensed and contracted mobile services. ICL's mobile teams visit clients where they live, at community programs where they socialize and in other locations in which clients feel comfortable. Located throughout Brooklyn and staffed by multidisciplinary professionals, ICL offers 4 types of mobile services:

  1. Assertive Community Treatment Teams
  2. Mobile Treatment for People Living with HIV/AIDS
  3. Geriatric Outreach
  4. Blended Case Management



FACT:  Annually, ICL receives over 2,400 housing referrals of adults with serious mental illnesses who are homeless or being discharged from prisons, hospitals and community treatment settings, and is able to offer service-enriched housing to about 500 of these men and women each year.